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When travelers go on vacation, they want to find the inside scoop of where to go, what to do and where to stay. Sure travelers ask concierges, travel agents, friends and family but why not speak with someone who has a clear vision as well as clear advice. When you travel to Brazil the one and only person you should listen to is Guilherme Paulus, the founder of GJP Hotel and Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus is a true insider when it comes to travel and tourism in Brazil. He knows what business and leisure travelers want while they are away from home. The founder of CVC Tours-the largest tour operator in Latin America, Guilherme Paulus has taken the experience of planning a trip and turned into an art form. From his early beginnings in tourism, he has been one of the leaders in creating a Brazilian travel experience second to none.

Today, Guilherme Paulus is still active in travel and tourism having built an empire of more than 3,000 rooms across Brazil. He has been instrumental in constructing hotels and resorts in some of the most fascinating places from the urban delights of Rio de Janeiro to the amazing waterfalls at Foz do Iguaçu to the pristine beach areas of Natal and Porto de Galinhas.

There are a lot of options for travelers around Brazil to stay at a GJP Hotel and Resorts which boast uncompromised personal services, locations, restaurants and accommodations. The empire that Guilherme Paulus constructed features three distinct brands: Wish for luxury travelers, Prodigy brings value along with luxury and Linx is more budget friendly.

Guilherme Paulus envisioned worry-free travel in Brazil from the onset of his career and he is a true Brazilian travel insider. The next time you travel to Brazil for vacation or business follow this travel guide that highlights superb places to visit, where to stay and things to do while you are in Brazil.

Gramado, RS

Guilherme Paulus Travel Guide: Gramado

GJP Resorts and Hotels: Hotel St. Andrews Gramado

When travelers arrive in Gramado along the famous scenic of Romantic Route, they are amazed at the quaint little tourist town. Situated within the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul in the Serra Gaúcha region, Gramado boasts numerous reasons for travelers to visit that range from picturesque architecture to lovely green open spaces to a gorgeous lake surrounded by imported pine trees from the Black Forest in Germany. At an altitude of more than 2,600-feet above sea level the mountainous area brings lower temperatures that are comfortable to travelers that are seeking refuge from the heat of the country. 

What to do in Gramado:

  • Snowland Snow Park is a magical winter wonderland that boasts ice skating, tubing hills, skiing and an alpine village.
  • Minimundo is an ideal place for families looking to explore the world in a miniaturized version that brings culture and fun to the forefront.
  • Rua Coberta is a lovely pedestrian area that sports plenty of unique boutiques and restaurants under a glass ceiling that hovers over the street.
  • Lago Negro or Black Lake features plenty of watersport activities from sailing to kayaking as well as imported pine trees from the Black Forest in Germany and during late spring visitors are enamored by the blossoming of Hydrangeas.

Where to stay when visiting Gramado:

Guilherme Paulus knew that Gramado was a special place for travelers to experience and GJP Hotels and Resorts are well represented in Gramado. Here is a quick look at the accommodations offered within this charming Brazilian/European feeling city.

GJP accommodations include: Hotel St. Andrews (Castle and Mountain), the Wish Serrano, Prodigy Serrano, and Prodigy Gramado

Confins, MG

Guilherme Paulus Resorts and Hotels: Linx ConfinsLocated in the state of Minas Gerais where gold was found in 1690, the town of Confins is situated in the southeast region of the country. Confins is home to the Confins Caves which have been instrumental in the world of archaeology and paleontology. Famous for the female fossil named Luzia which dates back 11,000 years, the city is a hub for tourism in the Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte region.

What to do in Confins:

  • Go trekking in the Serra do Cipó National Park where travelers can revel at waterfalls, caves and lush forests that are part of the Espinhaco Range’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
  • View stellar mineral deposits at the Lapinha Cave where stalagmites, stalactites and flow stone are highlighted through the underground walkways.
  • Visit the Lagoa Santa Regional Archaeology Museum for an interesting look at the fossil remains that have been discovered in the area.

Where to stay when visiting Confins:

With an international airport bringing business and tourist travelers into the Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais area, Guilherme Paulus constructed a hotel that is an ideal place to start or end your travel plans within the area.

GJP accommodations include: Linx Confins

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

GJP Resorts and Hotels: Prodigy Santos Dumont

The second most populated city in Brazil behind São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is not only popular with leisure travelers but with business travelers too. The sun, sand and music as well as the incredible sightseeing attractions make Rio de Janeiro the top tourist city in the country. Once at this ocean side city, travelers can plan a variety of activities on both land and water that range from visiting museums to surfing to lounging on Ipanema Beach. There is plenty of outdoor adventure nearby too with numerous peaks to summit that boast stunning views of the interior as well as the coastal region of the city. 

What to do in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Take the cable car to the top of Sugar Mountain for stellar panoramic views of Christ the Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain.
  • Travelers can revel and relax along 65-miles of beach within the city which includes famous locations like Copacabana and Ipanema. There is superb surfing, sailing and kiteboarding at many of the beaches that dot the coastline including the 11-miles of sand along Barra da Tijuca.
  • Walk through the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden where travelers can witness more than 5,000 species of fauna and flora as well as 900 species of palm trees.
  • Gaze at superb artwork at one of the many museums including the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum that features a futuristic architectural design or the National Historical Museum which is housed in a 16th century fort.

Where to stay when visiting Rio de Janeiro:

Guilherme Paulus was keen to provide travelers a variety of accommodations that fit into everyone’s budget and travel plans. Whether a trip to Rio de Janeiro is for business or pleasure there is the ideal GJP Hotel and Resort which will please most everyone.

GJP accommodations include: Linx Galeão and Prodigy Santos Dumont

Natal, RN

Guilherme Paulus Travel Guide: Natal, Rio Grande do NorteNatal along the northeastern coastline of the country is a spectacular beachfront town that sports some of the best beaches in the country and the largest cashew tree in the world. Although first discovered by the famous map maker Americo Vespucci in 1501, Natal which translates to Christmas in Portuguese was founded on Christmas Day in 1599. Slow to develop over the centuries, Natal was the beef jerky capital of Brazil before tourism became the main driving force behind the economy in the area. Pristine beaches and sand dunes speckle the coastline where travelers find plenty of solitude while relaxing next to the South Atlantic Ocean.

What to do in Natal:

  • Visit Parrachos de Maracajaú which is a large reef 10 minutes away from the shoreline by boat. Also known as the Caribbean of Brazil, the large reef is home to stellar snorkeling and scuba diving in azure blue pools that range from 3 to 10-feet in depth at low tide.
  • Stroll the grounds of Forte dos Reis Magos which is a 16th century star-shaped fort constructed by the Portuguese.
  • Take a trip in a dune buggy at the Dunas de Genipabú which is a sand dune packed eco-park waiting to be explored.
  • Visiting Natal Dunes State Park is a must see, where you will find the second largest urban park in Brazil. The 1,172-hectares of typical Atlantic Forest are home to nature trails and plenty of native vegetation as well as animal species.
  • Lounge on sun-kissed beaches such as Genipabú, Ponta Negra and Pipa where you will also find a variety of adrenaline filled watersport opportunities.

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Where to stay when visiting Natal:

Guilherme Paulus understood that Natal is the closest point in Brazil to Europe and Africa. Superb white sand beaches used as a backdrop for an unbelievable vacation was a major cog in his mind set when constructing hotels that would lure travelers from different continents. Each resort is located directly on the beach front allowing guests the pleasure of playing in the South Atlantic Ocean as well as lounging on the beautiful sandy beaches.

GJP accommodations include: Wish Natal

São Paulo, SP

GJP Resorts and Hotels: Prodigy Berrini

Not only is São Paulo the most populated city in Brazil, this urban center is the largest Portuguese speaking city in the world and the main economic hub of the country. Founded in 1554 and named after Saint Paul of Taurus, Sao Paulo is a cosmopolitan city of culture and history that transcends many countries. Residents here have roots that range from Japan to Italy to Germany to Spain as well as Portugal. Located 43-miles from the South Atlantic Ocean, the city is situated on the Serra do Mar in the Brazilian Highlands and has an elevation of more than 2,600-feet above sea level. Sao Paulo is more than just the main economic hub for the country and exudes culture at every corner of the city with over 100 museums for travelers to visit.

What to do in São Paulo:

  • Gaze at over 10,000 pieces of artwork at the Sao Paulo Art Museum.
  • Walk down Paulista Avenue where travelers can view incredible historic architecture, shop until they drop as well as dine at one of the 15,000 restaurants and bars that grace the city’s streets.
  • Ibirapuera Park boasts plenty of green space for recreation, monuments, playgrounds, gardens and numerous museums like the Museu Afro-Brasil as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art with 8,000 pieces of artwork.

Where to stay when visiting Sao Paulo:

Here in São Paulo, Guilherme Paulus understood the urban landscape that appealed to leisure and business travelers. He built in an area that was convenient for both types of travelers and succeeded with a beautiful centrally located hotel near the airport as well as the urban center of the city.

GJP accommodations include: Prodigy Berrini

Foz do Iguaçu, PR

GJP Resorts and Hotels: Wish Foz do Iguacu

On the border of Argentina and Brazil in the southwestern portion of the country lay the Iguaçu Waterfalls which for almost 2-miles a person can witness 257 cascading spectacles of water tumbling down sharp cliffs. The Iguaçu Waterfalls are viewed as one of the New Natural Seven Wonders of the World and offer something completely unique for travelers to see. Listed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site the waterfalls are part of the Iguacu National Park which offers protection for numerous species of native flora, fauna and animals such as the Brazilian jaguar.

The area surrounding Foz do Iguacu was first developed for the world’s second largest hydroelectric facility, only being replaced when the Three Gorges Dam was completed in China. The Itaipu Dam still provides the country with 20% of all electrical needs around the country.

What to do in Foz do Iguacu:

  • Gaze at Garganta do Diabo which plummets almost 300-feet and is the biggest of all the Iguaçu Waterfalls.
  • Stroll across the Friendship Bridge which connects Brazil with Paraguay and visit Ciudad del Este in Paraguay.
  • A must see is the Three Borders Landmark that marks the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
  • The Birds Park is a 17-hectare area that is home to 800 species of birds that range from black-fronted piping guan to ararajubas to hyancinth macaws.

Where to stay when visiting Foz do Iguacu:

Guilherme Paulus wanted to construct a world-class resort that catered not only to waterfall enthusiasts but everyone. Within a short 20-minute drive, Paulus was instrumental in building that world-class resort that includes an 18-hole championship golf course to life. Travelers will certainly be pleased with the service, accommodations and locations of his upscale resort.

GJP accommodations include: Wish Foz do Iguacu

Salvador, BA

GJP Resorts and Hotels: Wish Hotel da Bahia

The second largest tourist destination in Brazil is Salvador. Located along the São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos also known as All Saints Bay, Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and is rooted in history. Currently the capital of the Bahia state of Brazil, Salvador is home to the Pelourinho neighborhood which was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Salvador has an extensive waterfront with 50-miles of shoreline which is more than any other Brazilian city. Lowlaying beaches share the coastline of the All Saints Bay while high laying beaches are along the South Atlantic Ocean. Within the city of Salvador there are two distinct districts which are connected by the first elevator constructed in Brazil, the Elevador Lacerda.

What to do in Salvador:

  • Porto da Barra Beach is a perfect beach to relax as well as enjoy numerous watersport activities and the surfing at Itacare is excellent.
  • A must see is the colorful UNESCO neighborhood of Pelourinho that boasts beautifully colored buildings coupled with incredible shopping and dining opportunities.
  • Take a tour of the Nautical Museum of Bahia which is housed within the Fort of Santo Antônio da Barra.
  • Ride the Art Deco style Elevador Lacerda which overlooks All Saints Bay and is the ideal place to watch a sunset.
  • Stroll through Park Pituacu where you will find 450-hectares of Atlantic Forest and an outdoor museum named Espaco Cravo which highlights 800 pieces of outdoor artwork that includes drawings, paintings, totems as well as numerous sculptures.

Where to stay when visiting Salvador:

Guilherme Paulus was instrumental in renovating the historic Hotel Da Bahia in Salvador. The hotel has interesting features such as grand murals painted by renowned artist Genaro de Carvalho as well as three large murals by Argentina artist Carybé.

GJP accommodations include: Wish Hotel Da Bahia

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