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When it comes to necessity, most travel advisors are well-versed in the basics of what clients are searching for in their vacation travel. But when it comes to luxury, the stakes climb a little higher, and the challenge presents itself as to how to satisfy their thirst for unique, first-rate experiences that will develop into memories of a lifetime. 

Choosing the right destination and the right supplier to partner with are both key components to making this happen. According to industry experts, those destinations that are currently trending as most popular for the luxury market are Britain, New Zealand, Japan, India, Bhutan and Egypt. Secondary to those in popularity, but equal in offerings, are Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Australia and South Africa. 

Now that we’ve explored which destinations are topping the list for luxury travelers, let’s talk a little about what they all have in common – that is, the “must-haves” clients are seeking in a luxury vacation. 

Exclusive VIP experiences
Picture yourself in Venice on a private evening journey of the gothic masterpiece Doge’s Palace with a private guide. Now, picture your clients there and their delight as they realize there are no crowds in sight. Sounds like you become the hero in this equation, yes? VIP experiences are about connecting your clients to incredible people or iconic places that are renowned but not easily accessible, including “sold-out” tickets to cultural events and special moments like meeting the Queen Mother’s favorite bagpiper in Scotland, plus much more. 

Exceptional dining
There is no such thing as too much emphasis on the importance of food when it comes to luxury travel, because at the end of the day, it’s not just food, but the overall dining experience that can turn an ordinary journey into an unforgettable one. From the ambience to the views, a luxury dining experience should have the special touches that only a luxury provider will think of. So, whether it is a Michelin-star restaurant or a cozy centuries-old farmhouse, the location and service is equal in importance to the menu. 

When it comes to dining, luxury travelers are also craving local interactions with the people of the community they are visiting. This has led to the popularity of journeys that include sitting down to dinner in a local family’s home or partaking in small group cooking classes with local chefs. 

Luxury accommodations
Boutique hotels, castles, villas, country houses – from the outset, they all sound more appealing than a traditional hotel stay. Now add modern luxuries and traditional elegance into the mix, and you have the perfect formula for what luxury travelers are seeking. Where your clients stay can make all the difference in their journey. When considering which supplier to partner with, look carefully at the attention to detail in hotel selections and consider only those that offer impeccable service and exceptional comfort in, of course, the most desirable locations.

Traveling concierge
In the same way you take care of every detail for your client, it’s comforting to know your clients will be in good hands once they have embarked on their journey. Enter the traveling concierge. From spa appointments to recommendations on local exploration, these individuals take care of every detail, so neither you nor your clients need to worry. By providing suggestions for dining and making follow-up reservations, for instance, clients are left with more time and relaxation. And, it all starts from the moment they arrive, as these concierges will also arrange for your clients’ bags to be sent directly to their room – and after a long day of travel, that’s one less thing they need to think about.  

VIP door-to-door transfer service
How your clients arrive and depart from the destination they are visiting can make or break a vacation experience. There are few things worse than arriving in a strange city without transportation or any indication of where to go next. Door-to-door transfer service starts at your clients’ doorstep in style with an executive car and continues with the same comfortable, smooth service upon arrival and departure in their destination of choice.

When all of these must-haves have been met, today’s luxury travelers ultimately want to be part of journeys that have a purpose; take place in a small, intimate group; and provide access to off-the-beaten path destinations. Knowing their needs and wants is the first critical step in creating their perfect journey.

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