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This week T-Mobile has announced an awesome new option for getting high speed data when traveling internationally.

T-Mobile’s existing international data options

Up until this point, T-Mobile has had three popular options for getting data abroad. All of the below plans are valid in T-Mobile’s 210+ eligible countries and destinations.

As a standard, T-Mobile offers unlimited texting and data at up to 2G speeds and calls at 25 cents per minute. So that’s a great option for staying connected while abroad if you’re just looking for basic coverage.

For those looking for a higher speed connection, the next option is that T-Mobile offers a $5 Global Pass plan, where for $5 per day you can get 512MB of up to 4G LTE speeds and unlimited calls. Unfortunately I’ve found the logistics of this to be frustrating.

Then there’s the third option, which is what I use, as it’s great for those who travel internationally a lot. T-Mobile offers a $50 monthly plan that includes unlimited 4G LTE speeds and calls when traveling internationally. If you travel internationally a lot then this is a great option, though just make sure you don’t use too much data abroad.

T-Mobile’s new international data passes

T-Mobile this week brought back an awesome feature that’s useful for someone who wants more than a high speed international day pass, but who doesn’t travel enough internationally to benefit from the monthly unlimited international pass.

T-Mobile now offers new international data passes that include high-speed data and unlimited calling. There are two options:

  • For $35 you can get 5GB of high-speed data and unlimited calling to be used over up to 10 days
  • For $50 you can get 15GB of high-speed data and unlimited calling to be used over up to 30 days

To take advantage of this, just add the passes you need when you arrive at your destination, either through T-Mobile’s website or app.

Are the new T-Mobile data passes a good deal?

For those who value high speed data, are the new passes actually a good deal? Previously you had the option of a $5 daily plan or a $50 monthly plan:

  • The 5GB and 15GB plans represent a lower cost per day, not to mention it’s significantly easier to sign-up for everything at once, rather than having to renew every day, and you can also use a lot of data in a single day (rather than being limited to 512MB)
  • The 15GB plan for $50 is roughly comparable to the $50 monthly premium plan, though perhaps this is easier since you can just sign-up once, and don’t have to cancel your plan

Bottom line

T-Mobile’s new 5GB & 15GB data passes are an excellent option for anyone who travels internationally and values high speed data and free calling, but who isn’t constantly traveling internationally. This is an attractive new option.

For example, while I have the premium T-Mobile plan on an ongoing basis, this is something I’d buy for my parents if they were traveling abroad.

What do you make of T-Mobile’s new international data passes? Do you plan on using it?

(Tip of the hat to @bluemonq)