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Kansas City, MO makes the list for several reasons, including being one of the most attractive due to their low-cost hotels.


Kansas City is famous for a number of things including barbecue, jazz, the WWI museum, trains, and technology. One of the most popular barbeque places is Joe’s Kansas City known for their Z-Man or ribs. Expect to wait in 45+ minute lines though, they are usually out the door. For a little jazz, there’s the popular Jazz Club.


The World War I Museum and Memorial is a great place for all ages, and you really learn a lot about the horror and tragedy of World War I. The museum and memorial features a poppy field that you walk over to get into the gallery, and there are a number of quotes and stories featured for a historical look. Kansas City also has trains that you can ride throughout the city by taking a trip to the Union Station and Crown Center. You get to see the train station and what it was like in its hay day. If you want to see the train yard, head on over to Argentine and take a look. It is quite amazing. It is the biggest freight train yard in the country, except maybe behind Chicago, IL.

These are only 5 of the cities on the list. Here’s the Top 20 list of Summer Travel Destinations from WalletHub.

1 Orlando, FL
2 Austin, TX
3 Washington, DC
4 Chicago, IL
5 Dallas, TX
6 Las Vegas, NV
7 Cincinnati, OH
8 Tampa, FL
9 Nashville, TN
10 New York, NY
11 Atlanta, GA
12 San Antonio, TX
13 Oklahoma City, OK
14 Louisville, KY
15 Raleigh, NC
16 Columbus, OH
17 Kansas City, MO
18 El Paso, TX
19 Houston, TX
20 Los Angeles, CA

You can see the full report of cities in the meantime while you plan a trip to these great destinations.

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