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The Pearl City, Hyderabad with its matchless blend of history and modernity, hypnotizes everyone, whoever sets his/her foot in this stunning city of Nizams. With a history as old as 400 years and the status of metropolitan city, Hyderabad promises a exceptional refreshing experience to all.

From historical monuments to natural getaways to mouth-watering world-famous cuisine to appealing shopping places and thrilling entertainment parks, this city has it all to keep you glued. There are many tourism places to visit in Hyderabad, from families, young group of friends, children to senior citizens, everyone will find something of their interest in Hyderabad.

Located on the banks of the Musi River, the city of Hyderabad was established in 1591 CE by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahies. The city is noted for its unique culture, a lineage which can be traced back to the Asaf Jahi rulers, who were great patrons of literature, art,architecture, culture, jewelry collection and rich food.

This city is a place worth staying at least once in a lifetime. In fact, it is impossible for anyone to soak in the varied charms which the city has to offer in a limited time span.

1. Lahari Park

Brand New Luxurious Flat, with a beautiful view of Hussain sagar Lake view beside, The Park Hotel Near To Greenery of Necklace Road, I invite you to reside in my self designed house and experience the comfort.

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2. Independent 4 bedroom Villa

For the ones who would like to be close to nature yet in luxury, the Villas are built just for that, whether it is a small or a large group, all will have fun. The tastefully designed interiors combine luxury and soothe the senses, you can be rest assured. With an attached kitchenette you can brew our own cup of coffee/tea. The lush green lawns around in the open area with the sky above and cool atmosphere is a sure shot invitation for a barbecue.
**The place which has one of the biggest water park in South India, its a perfect combination of resort and water park together.
*The theme was to provide a weekend getaway for Families who spend working, and do not have time to relax and rejuvenate themselves for the coming week.
*The vision of being close to nature is always in the minds of Dream Valley Resorts, thus all things which are natural find a place. The idea is to contribute to the community and also to ensure follow up of all environment friendly practices.

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3. MS Farms

An impressively modern farmhouse / villa is situated in Hyderabad offering three bedrooms with four baths.
Well-suited for leisure travellers, it can accommodate a group of 12.
You could even host a party in the garden.
You will find lavish furnishings all around the place, with contemporary amenities and a swimming pool to compliment them.
You can lounge around the pool where rattan chairs are laid out to facilitate the same.
There is a kitchen featuring basic appliances, dining area and a TV lounge. To top it off, we have conveniences like Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, parking and the assistance of a friendly caretaker.

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