February may be the shortest month of the year, but for some inexplicable reason, it can feel like the longest. Perhaps it is the weather, which always seems to be that bit colder and grimmer than January and December.

But with payday fast approaching a perfect way to keep those February blues at bay is by planning your next getaway. Stop dreaming and start prepping for your next amazing holiday.

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It could be a solid two weeks during the summer holidays or if you don’t have to worry about sticking to school holidays, an extra-long weekend away could be just what you need.  

If you have the perfect spot already picked out congratulations! Be sure to send us a postcard once you get there. If you are in the mood for some inspiration though, try these suggestions on for size and see if they fill you with wanderlust.

Take a trip by yourself

The desire to get out and see the world as a solo traveller is on the up and up. According to the Association of British Travel Agents, one in 9 travellers reported taking a trip by themselves, nearly a 50% increase on the number that struck out by themselves seven years ago.

The Scottish Farmer: Take a trip to meet others Credit: UnsplashTake a trip to meet others Credit: Unsplash

Travelling alone doesn’t mean that you can’t make friends along the way. Signing up for a guided group holiday is the ideal way to meet other people and is the perfect way to ease into solo travelling if the thought of having to plan everything yourself is a bit daunting.

For couples

Travelling together is a sure fire way to find out if your significant other is “the one”!

Whether you have just gotten together or are working your way up the anniversaries, why not take a trip that coincides with a festival for some once in a lifetime memories.

Loy Krathong and Yi Peng festival – Thailand

Head to Chiang Mai in November to take in a spectacular double whammy of festivals. Both Loy Krathong and Yi Peng are light festivals that happen to fall on the same day this year.

Loy Krathong sees lotus shaped floats filled with candles being released into rivers, while during Yi Peng lit lanterns are released to the heavens. Superstition says that couples who make a wish together during Loy Krathong are destined to be with one another for the rest of their lives!

The Scottish Farmer: Make a wish Credit: Hans, PixabayMake a wish Credit: Hans, Pixabay

Dag Van de Romantische Muziek – Netherlands

Translating as the Day of Romantic Music, music lovers will love this opportunity to head to Rotterdam on August 18th. Take in classical music, jazz, dancing and much more, all with a romantic edge at this grand day out in one of Rotterdam’s most beautiful parks.    

For families

When you have the kids in tow, the priority of a holiday can quickly change from your carefree and single days. The thought of a secluded woodland cabin with a lofted bed and unfenced hot tub may suddenly fill you with dread rather than relaxation.

The Scottish Farmer: Explore the world together Credit: Alberto Casetta, UnsplashExplore the world together Credit: Alberto Casetta, Unsplash

Make the most of your time away together by choosing a resort that specialises in holidays for families to give you and your partner some much-needed quality time together while the kids get a taste of independence through attending a supervised kids club or taking part in included activities. 

Shy kids might find themselves coming out of their shells in a new environment, while more confident kiddos will relish the chance to try their hand at something new.

A family-friendly resort is not all about ways of keeping the kids out of your hair though. Get in on the fun by taking part in activities too.  Take advantage of any lessons on offer as a family and perhaps discover a new hobby you can keep trying when you get home- anyone for kayaking or mountain biking? 

The Scottish Farmer: Try something new on holiday Credit: PixabayTry something new on holiday Credit: Pixabay

For solo kids

If adults sometimes want to explore the great big wide world by themselves, it is only natural that kids might want to as well. While sending your child off on holiday unaccompanied can seem a little daunting, the benefits can be tremendous.

Special interest holidays like horse riding, film making or even video game design will allow your child to meet other likeminded kiddos and indulge in a passion that the rest of the family may not share.

You will find lots of options like this based right here in the UK, along with holidays that take place overseas as well. If your child is learning another language, lessons on the local dialect can often be bundled up with the activities on offer for immersion style learning.

The Scottish Farmer: Horse around on holiday Credit: PixabayHorse around on holiday Credit: Pixabay

Do you research on the holiday in question before booking, paying special attention to staff to children ratios and what sort of insurance is provided. Looking for reviews from other families whose children have attended is also an ideal way to get a feel for what the break will be like.

For older (and wiser) travellers

Take advantage of your golden years and more importantly the ability to travel whenever the notion takes you – no sticking to school holidays for you!

Having flexibility around when you can take a break and for how long opens up a whole host of exciting possibilities such as repositioning cruises.

If you like the thought of spending days at sea, relaxing on deck, watching the horizon change and sampling the onboard delights fills you with bliss then this type of cruising could be perfect for you

The Scottish Farmer: Smooth seas ahead Credit: Sheila Jellison, UnsplashSmooth seas ahead Credit: Sheila Jellison, Unsplash

Repositioning cruises, also sometimes known as discovery cruises, offer great value for money and give you the opportunity to see very different parts of the world. However, be aware that they are one-way trips so you will have to make extra travel arrangements.

Routes include journeys like Barbados to Europe, the UK to Australia or Alaska to the Caribbean to name just a few. There are few ports of call during a cruise like this giving you a perfect chance to relax and enjoy all the amenities that a cruise ship has to offer.

If your fancy has been well and truly struck by this idea check out the great offers from Virgin* and TUI*.

The Scottish Farmer: Get ready to go Credit: PixabayGet ready to go Credit: Pixabay

Time to start packing your bags!

We hope our suggestions have got you reaching for your passport and suitcases! Let your adventurous spirit take over and use this as an opportunity to visit far off lands or try your hand at an activity that you have always wanted to have a go at!

 Wherever you do end up going, remember to send us that postcard!

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